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Apollo is the self proclaimed #1 underground comic in Chicago so underground you don't even know who the hell he is… But you will! 

Apollo is a boy from North Madison born and raised on the playground is where he spent most of his days chilling out, acting all cool, shooting some b-ball outside of the school….

Also he likes long walks on the beach and considers himself a basic b**** of tacos. Apollo also talks in the third person  because he wrote this entire bio.

The World According to Apollo

Check out what Apollo has to say about the world & join him on his weight-loss journey & steps to seeing himself in a better light... the spotlight!

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Where can you find me?

Every Tuesday @ 5:30pm 

Rush Hour Comedy at 

Rosatis Pizza and Sports Bar 3061 Barrington Rd, Hoffman Estates, il 60192 

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