Notable Guest

All Hail The Reptilian Commander!

 A low-ranking member of the Reptilian Elite who sought drama, mystery, and adventure out amongst the stars, the Reptilian Commander was instead assigned by the Reptilian High Council as Clandestine Overseer to a backwater mudball at the butt-end of the galaxy. Probably due to a clerical error.

Arriving on Earth in 1947, he quickly infiltrated, consolidated, and organized the planet's various secret societies into the New World Order shadow government, paving the way for an eventual invasion. Theoretically.

His requests for reassignment have been repeatedly denied over the last 20 years so now he gets all the drama, mystery, and adventure he wanted by watching Netflix and playing video games. He still occasionally runs the world but only when he's really bored.  

Portrait Of A Reptile, 1947 ET

Portrait Of A Reptile, 1947 ET