Completely 100% Invisibly Hidden Secret Page

Oh No! You've discovered the secret hidden Page!

So your tiny mammalian cabbage brain discovered the secret hidden page, did it? Oh, you're soooo clever. The modern equivalent of Sherlock Holmes. 

100 points for your superb investigative journalism. That online/community college degree was totally worth it in your case.  You are definitely smart enough to join the one TRUE New World Order...


Join the new world order? You're already part of it!

Fool! You were meant to find it. In fact, you are but an infinitesimally tiny cog in the secret invasion of Earth that may someday occur in the not too distant future (whenever the Reptilian High Council finally gets around to approving the paperwork) and this page just subliminally implanted new instructions into the blob of goo sloshing around in that brittle skull of yours. 

So go back to listening to these podcasts while you can. Your fate is already sealed, Secret Agent Hybrid Doppelganger Clone!