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Do I picture myself as a super chic and trendy super mommy who takes on the corporate world while simultaneously taking on the local mops circuit and community PTO meetings? And yes, it’s called PTO now a days instead of PTA. I don’t even know when that happened. Oh and also yes, apparently you can now start sentences with the word “And”. I know.. Mind blown? And the answer to my initial question is a hard no. I don’t usually see myself that way.

What I am though and know I am is a God-fearing modern-day mom, who’s still stuck in a Maroon 5 and Mariah Carey era – gotta hold tight to the classics, and is someone toughing out some of life’s difficult hurdles. I definitely know I am someone who’s passionate about talking about it. Yes, giving the struggles that connect each and every parent of today a voice so that all parents can connect and overcome things we may not be able to on our own. 

As a mother of four, balance can seem quite unobtainable, and I mean ALL the time it can feel that way. It is a full-time job to just schedule time for yourself, but as a girl straight from the school of hard knocks, I believe that self-time can be more easily acquired with a little openness to take risks or even just try something new. Being a host on Momnesia has allowed me to further explore things that the more traditional 50’s style mom may have overlooked. Plus, it’s also just great fun. Momnesia covers everything from the Keto diet and Chip and Joanna Gaines, to the more serious matters of today like the terrible bullying that has over taken schools all across the united states and much more.

I grew up in Hillside IL in the 90’s and attended the world’s best middle school; MacArthur of Berkley IL. I then transferred to Downers Grove south for High School and that ultimately led me to a school that would teach me that dreams are worth pursuing with your whole heart. I am a single mother of four munchkin monsters – monsters, real T-Rex kids, rearing and ready to crush the world and a pet mommy of two lab-pitt puppies and one thriving female gecko. As for my day job, I work full time as a customer service specialist at a packaging company, one that I never thought I could love so much, and all the while pursuing podcast hosting and producing media content of any sort I can get my hands on.

My journey with the Just Don’t network is just beginning, and off to an epic start. I am hopeful and excited to find out all about the amazing future yet to come. It’s going to be a wild ride!

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